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NitroAV FireWire 800 Hub and Repeater

The NitroAV Professional Grade 8-port FireWire (1394b) hub/repeater, featuring Texas Instruments chips, allows you to easily attach 7 devices, simultaneously. This IEEE 1394 compliant hub operates at up to 800 Megabits per Second(Mbps), for blazing fast transfer rates, and elimination of daisy chaining, plugging and unplugging devices. Simply attach a FireWire cable from your computer to the hub, and attach your devices.

  • Full FireWire 800 (1394b) Speed
  • Backward Compatible with FireWire 400
  • Will Power With Ease From Computer Port
  • No Additional Drivers to Load
  • For Use with Audio, Video, or Storage Devices

  • Use With any MacBook Pro, iMac, G5
  • Use With Any Windows or Linux Computer
  • Also Acts as a Signal Repeater
  • Robust Metal Chassis
  • Rackmount Holes for Custom Mounting

This FireWire 800 hub and repeater will conveniently draw power directly from a powered 1394b port, automatically, while also powering bus power capable devices that do not have their own power source. Its DC power input jack can also be used with the always included, 110/220V AC power adapter, when the FireWire connection does not provide DC power. Even if the FireWire bus is already powered, the DC power input jack of the hub/repeater can also be used simultaneously, to supplement power draw from devices. The bus voltage will adapt automatically when needed.

But it's not just used in the studio, or on the desk or rack- We also designed this hub for use in custom implementations, and have screw hole mounts in its robust, and solid metal chassis and provided additional power source means, with a 4-pin 5v/12v connector.


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NitroAV 4-Port FireWire 800/1394b + 4-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Professional Hub/Repeater
save 14%
Model #: NAV4FW4USB

NEW PRODUCT! Get the best in quality and performance!

  • FireWire 800 + USB 3.0
  • Attach 8 Devices
  • Perfect for MacBook Pro



List Price: $184.90
Our Price: $158.80
NitroAV 8-Port FireWire 800/1394b Professional Hub and Repeater
Model #: N8PFW8HR1

Get the best in quality and performance!

  • AC Adapter Included
  • Attach 7 Devices
  • Bus Powered


Our Price: $164.80
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NitroAV 8-Port Hub AC/DC (100-240V) Power Adapter
Model #: N8PFW8HRPS

  • Extra Power Adapter
  • Auto Switching
  • 110/240V

  • Our Price: $19.95
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